Sunday, January 22, 2006

China-Red for Blogger

China-Red for BloggerHere comes another red after the "Red train". The China-Red for Blogger is based upon the original China-Red template was designed by BigheaD for WordPress 1.5. His theme and my adaptation for Blogger are released under GPL. As usual the template comes in two flavors, with a ready-to-use Hindi template (click the picture along-side to see the screen-grab).

Hope you will like it! Please let me know your thoughts and any problems encountered through comments here. If you are able to remove any existing bug or incorporate any important change that would enhance the template, do write back.

Important instructions:
  • Save the images in the zip file on your server and replace the URL in Styles appropriately.
  • For the comments to work you must replace the "blogID=XXXXXX" in the template with your blog ID (go to the Blogger dashboard and put the cursor over the Blog Name to know your Blog ID).
  • You must set the "Enable float alignment" property to "No" (Settings > Formatting). Setting this to “yes" causes layout problems with the top-most post.
  • If you are changing an existing template, do remember to keep a backup as all your customizations would be lost on using a new template. We would not be responsible for any damages.

Download for your English blog | Download for your Hindi blog

1 comment:

Dawn B said...

Wow! Thank you so much for posting this wonderful template! It was just what we needed for our blog--since it is about the journey to adopt our daughter from China. Now our blog is almost as beautiful as she is. :-)