Monday, October 24, 2005

Red Train for Blogger

Red Train for BloggerThe Red Train template for Wordpress caught my fascination the moment I saw it, so it was much tempting to convert the same for Blogger. More than the colour scheme I like the Banner image. The only drawback is perhaps the bullets on the sidebar that don’t appear like bullets. The original Read Train template was designed by Vladimir Simovic for WP 1.5. His theme and my adaptation for Blogger are released under GPL.

Hope you will like it! Please let me know your thoughts and any problems encountered through comments here.

Important instructions:
  • Save the images in the zip file on your server and replace the URL in Styles appropriately.
  • For the comments to work you must replace the "blogID=XXXXXX" in the template with your blog ID (go to the Blogger dashboard and put the cursor over the Blog Name to know your Blog ID).
  • You must set the "Enable float alignment" property to "No" (Settings > Formatting). Setting this to “yes" causes layout problems with the top-most post.

Download for your English blog | Download for your Hindi blog